Be it market research, educational quizzes, or customer experience, you need surveys to move ahead. Now creating random surveys by yourself won’t help you get the right results, so the need of the hour is definitely an online survey tool and the right one too.


Don’t have the budget to adopt a survey maker? Want to try first and find out the right survey tool?

No worries at all! Luckily, there are some very efficient online survey makers in the 2023 market that offer plans that are completely free!

11 Free Online Survey Makers of 2023 – The Best Ones!

After some in-depth research, we’ve listed out 11 of the best free online survey makers that the market of 2023 has to offer. Here we compare the notable functionalities, pros, cons, pricing, and free plans of the survey apps. Take a look:

  1. Affiniv
  2. Typeform
  3. Google Forms
  4. Surveysparrow
  5. Retently
  6. SurveyMonkey
  7. QuestionPro
  8. Zoho Survey
  9. Delighted
  10. Survicate
  11. Inmoment

1. Affiniv

Affiniv - Free Online Customer Experience Software
Affiniv – Free Online Customer Experience Software

If you are all focused on going the extra mile to improve customer experience, then Affiniv is the right survey software for you. The tool is specifically built to help B2B SaaS companies conduct customer research, procure feedback and understand the voice of the customer via well-built surveys and customer-focused analytics. With Affiniv, you can bring end-to-end automation to the entire workflow of customer surveys. You can create different kinds of surveys, send them through preferred mediums and set reminders to increase response rates, and analyze feedback thoroughly. And what’s more? The free online survey maker demands no in-depth technical knowledge as it is a no-code platform.

Notable Features

  • Powerful Survey Editor: Be it NPS, CSAT, or CES surveys, you build them from scratch or set them up instantly using pre-built templates and make them richer using a variety of question types.
  • Analytical Dashboard: An all-in-one dashboard for you to perform granular analysis of your customer feedback, and slice and dice data.
  • Multiple Channels for Survey Distribution: Email, SMS, Whatsapp, API, link, you name it and the platform has it. You can send your surveys across the channels most preferred by your customers.
  • One-click Rating: Affiniv lets your loyal customers i.e promoters rate you on social platforms like Facebook and Google, all with just a click.


  • No-code platform and super-easy to set up
  • Intuitive and modern UI
  • Efficient and timely auto-followups
  • Dedicated customer support


Being a new platform, it mostly caters to SaaS B2B businesses only.

Pricing [annual billing]:

Basic plan starts at $99/month for surveying up to 2000 customers. The business plan starts at $249/month for surveying up to 5000 customers. You can survey an additional 1000 customers for $50.

Free Version: 100 customers/month can be surveyed.

Want to create and send a survey in minutes?

With Affiniv, you can create beautiful surveys and send them instantly via Email or Embed in your website/app.

2. Typeform

Typeform is probably one of the first names that come to mind when one thinks of good-looking survey forms and rightly so. The USP of this survey maker is that it can help you make stylish forms that are quite intuitive. Typeform is more of horizontal online survey software that caters to almost all general survey purposes. However, if you are looking to make in-depth surveys for a particular area of focus like customer experience, then Typeform may not be a safe bet.

Typeform survey software - Free online survey software

Typeform – Free Online Survey Maker

Notable Features

  • Personalized Question Flow: Typeform analyzes the previous answers given by the respondent so that only the most relevant question is afterward.
  • Survey Templates: Typeform offers a plethora of survey templates customized to fit your requirements be it for product research, focus groups, healthcare, and more.
  • Video Interactions: Find customer opinions and feedback directly from them through face-to-face video interactions.


  • Super easy to set up
  • Clean User Interface
  • Beautiful forms
  • Seamless integration


  • Very basic reporting
  • The free version comes with too many limitations
  • Pricing plans are on the costlier side


  • The basic plan starts at 25 USD for 100 responses per month.
  • The business plan starts at $83 USD for 10,000 responses per month.

Free Version: 10 responses/month

3. Google Forms

Google forms is one of the most popular free online survey makers out there. If you are in need of making a quick short quiz or poll, then Google Forms can be the right choice, owing to its easy drag-and-drop interface.

Lately, they have even introduced forms with added security specifically for Google Workspace alone.

All said and done, Google Forms may not be the right survey tool for you if the goal is to create in-depth surveys for CX needs.

Google forms - Free online survey maker

Google Forms- Free Online Survey Maker

Notable Features

  • Themes: Google Forms lets you customize your survey with themes and colors that suit your brand or choose from an array of pre-built themes.
  • Real-time Analysis: Collect and evaluate responses in real-time to make data-driven conclusions. You can either access charts with real-time updates of response data or simply analyze the raw data in Google Sheets.
  • Ensure Clean Response Data: Leverage built-in intelligence to make sure the response validation rules are followed [e.g.. properly formatted email addresses].


  • User-friendly Interface
  • Sync collected data with other Google products
  • Maintains survey taker’s anonymity


  • Limited customization capabilities
  • Not very responsive when it comes to mobile
  • Lacks answer grouping and trend analysis capabilities

Pricing: Google Forms is an online survey maker that is completely free and both the number of questions and responses are unlimited.

However, when it comes to Workspace you may have to contact the team.

4. Surveysparrow

Surveysparrow is an online survey maker whose primary focus is on helping users improve customer experience and employee experience. One of the best things about this survey tool is that it offers a variety of survey options starting from chat-like surveys to NPS surveys. Surveysparrow survey tool - Free online survey tool

Surveysparrow – Online Survey Tool

Notable Features

  • Conversational Forms: Bring a conversational flow to your forms via this feature to boost the engagement quotient.
  • White-label surveys: Offers the provision to brand surveys with your brand logos and color themes.
  • Customer Journey Map: Visualize your customer’s journey, analyze it across multiple touchpoints, and trace patterns.


  • Seamless distribution through multiple channels
  • Responsive reporting features


  • Customers seem to have to depend overly on developers
  • Drag and drop question box is glitchy
  • An expensive choice for growth-stage companies

Pricing [annual billing]: The basic plan starts at $19/500 responses/month The business plan starts at $99/10,000 responses/month.

Free Version: 100 responses/month

5. Retently

Retently customer feedback software - Online survey tool

Retently – Online Survey Software

Retently is yet another online survey tool that focuses on improving experiences, essentially CX and product experience. The tool mainly helps you build CES, CSAT, and NPS surveys to let you prevent customer churn and increase loyalty.

Notable Features:

  • Cross-channel feedback: Distribute your surveys via different channels like email, web pop-ups, and messengers to engage with customers in their preferred channels.
  • Audience Segmentation: Segment your users and create customized experiences for them using real-time data.
  • Benchmarks: Compare and contrast your results with the average data of your industry to analyze where you stand.


  • Great customer support
  • Easy to use and set up


  • Integrations are not smooth
  • Except for NPS, the other surveys are not very flexible.

Pricing [annual billing]: The basic plan starts at $50/month for 3 survey campaigns. The Professional plan is priced at $359/month for 20 survey campaigns.

Free Version:

A 7-day free trial is available for all plans.

6. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey customer and employee survey

SurveyMonkey – Free Online Survey Maker

SurveyMonkey is one of the oldest and arguably the most famous free online survey maker. But the question is, is the tool worth all this hype? Yes and no. SurveyMonkey is a horizontal survey software and it serves general survey purposes. However, if you are looking for an in-depth survey and associated data for one particular area, then it is better to go for SurveyMonkey alternatives. So, the usability of this tool depends on your purpose. Overall, it is a good tool.

Notable Features

  • Pre-built templates: A myriad of customized templates have been stocked for the purpose of surveying different respondents like customers, employees, etc.
  • SurveyMonkey Genius: A feature designed to help you estimate the success rate of your surveys by giving them scores.


  • Intuitive UI
  • Several question format choices
  • Easy customization of survey forms


  • The free version comes with too many limitations
  • Steep learning curve
  • Analytics needs improvement

Pricing [annual billing]: The basic plan starts at $25/user/month For the Enterprise plan, you will have to contact the team

Free Version: 10 questions and 10 responses per survey

7. Question Pro

Question Pro Survey

Question Pro

Question Pro is an online survey maker that helps you create multilingual surveys for various purposes like research, customer experience, employee engagement, etc. The platform is particularly popular in offering various analysis options like MaxDiff analysis, sentiment analysis, TURF analysis, and heatmap analysis.

Notable Features

  • Real-time Dashboard and Shareable Reports: Build reporting dashboards with the help of insightful analytics and statistics and share them with your team in real time.
  • Multilingual Surveys: Choose from 100 languages to build surveys and engage with the target audience in the language they speak.
  • Workflow setup: Distribute different surveys to different customers in the same data file.


  • In-depth insights can be gathered
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth export of data


  • Complex learning curve
  • Limited formatting choices
  • Customization of reports is limited


  • The basic plan is free.
  • The advanced plan starts at $129/month. You will have to contact the team for further specifications regarding the plan.

Free Version: Unlimited surveys and responses

8. Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey is an online survey tool whose parent company is, as the name suggests, the ever-famous Zoho. Now when it comes to survey, it is quite good as long as your needs are basic.

Notable Features

Multiple Channels for Survey Sharing: Share your surveys with multiple channels like web links, custom domain links, email campaigns, private group access, social media, and QR codes as preferred by the audience.

Collaborate: Work on the surveys together as a team. Share reports with your colleagues, invite them to edit surveys, and more.


  • Intuitive UI
  • Seamless integrations, especially with Zoho tools


  • Entry uploading faces minor glitches
  • Expensive
  • Reporting needs improvement

Pricing: The basic plan starts at $20 per month for unlimited surveys and responses. The pro plan is priced at $25 per month for unlimited surveys and responses along with a few extra features.

Free Version: 10 Questions and 100 responses per survey.

9. Delighted



Touted as a ‘self-serve experience management software, Delighted lets you create customer and employee surveys in no time. It lets you identify key moments in the customer journey and employee lifecycle and take appropriate actions. This free online survey maker is also powered by AI-driven analytics to uncover rich insights.

Notable Features

  • Survey Personalization: Customize surveys to each respondent’s preference and circumstance. Address recipients directly in the survey and ask about their specific interaction or product.
  • Automated Surveying: Schedule surveys at periodic intervals of time and trigger them with the help of integrations. You can also trigger them based on custom events with the REST API of Delighted.
  • Realtime Dashboard: Get updated as soon as a respondent shares their feedback. You and your team can analyze it in the dashboard. You can also calculate feedback scores and generate reports from the dashboard.


  • Visually appealing reports
  • Easy to use
  • Great customer service


  • Web survey set-up is quite difficult
  • Reporting features could be more advanced
  • Integration options are limited

Pricing [billed annually]:

The basic plan starts at $224 /month for 10,000 survey send limit. The premium plan starts at $449 /month for 20,000 survey send limit.

Free Version: Survey 1000 respondents/month.

10. Survicate

Survicate Survey Tool


Survicate is an online survey maker that focuses on helping online businesses create feedback surveys seamlessly. The platform claims to help respondents set up surveys in minutes, get a continuous stream of insights from customers at all touchpoints, and improve acquisition.

Notable Features

  • Survey customization: Build customized surveys with the help of pre-built templates or start from scratch. Give different colors, fonts, and layouts, and add different questions and custom actions to make the survey your own.
  • Multiple distribution channels: Share surveys through multiple channels like email embed, links, web and mobile surveys.
  • Real-time reporting: Track the survey results in real-time, collaborate with colleagues, and receive automated reports.


  • A variety of survey options
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth integrations


  • Limited features for complex surveys
  • Delayed support, especially for free plans
  • Not very scalable

Pricing: Essential plan starts at $65 per month for 250 responses while the basic plan is free. The professional plan starts at $129 per month for 1000 responses.

Free Version: 25 responses/month

11. Inmoment

InMoment Customer Experience Software


InMoment is essentially an experience management platform that helps businesses create programs and improve experiences. The platform focuses on powering three main experiences; customer experience, employee experience, and market experience through experience intelligence(XI).

Notable Features

  • Active listening studio: It helps you create and deploy surveys for effective data collection ranging from micro surveys to long-form relational surveys powered by AI.
  • Reporting Studio: This function helps you build, schedule, and send personalized reports to everyone on the team.
  • Text Analytics: Find exactly what your customer feels about your brand by analyzing feedback word by word.


  • Simple UI
  • Quick dashboard updates


  • Functions are slow
  • Editing surveys is not very easy
  • Steep learning curve

Pricing: Contact the team to get a custom quote Free Version: Contact InMoment team.

Final Thoughts So, these are the best free online survey tools that 2023 has to offer you. Now, we can’t pinpoint the ideal one from the lot. Why so, you ask? Because the best survey tool will depend on the requirements of the business.

Here’s how you can find the best one for your business.

Jot down your requirements and goals, compare them with the features of the free version or paid version, however, you like, and choose the online survey maker that checks all boxes! Simple enough? Well, then happy surveying!

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