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Super Simple, Yet Powerful Survey Maker

100’s of brands use our super intuitive and powerful survey maker to create surveys in minutes. Even better, you can send the survey via Email or Embed in your website with a few clicks.

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Online Survey Maker

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Simplest Survey Maker: Create Survey in minutes

With our Survey Builder, add any kind of Question – Choice Question, Long Answer, Short Answer, Scale, Net Promoter Score, Visual Scale (Star, Smiley), etc.

Survey Logic Rule

Powerful: Logic Jump, Branching and More

Control the Survey flow using Logic Jump. For Standard Surveys like the Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey, you can choose to show questions based on whether the user is a Promoter, Detractor, or Passive.

Delightful: Customize with your Brand Theme

Add logo, background color, question and answer color, and button color as per your brand theme. You can add background images and images to your questions with a few clicks. 

Customize Survey Theme with Logo and Background
Theme Customization for NPS Survey

Works Great on Mobile

Our Surveys are fully mobile-optimized. Every type of survey question, Survey Start page, and Thank you page work pretty well on mobile as they do on the desktop.

The Pro Features: Recall, Use variables, Custom Thank you pages and More

Supports all the pro Survey features that you need to create a powerful survey. You can recall the answer to a previous question. You can also use a variable that you can pass to the survey. Custom Thank-you pages for various logic flows can help you request social reviews from your satisfied users.

Distribute Survey

Distribute via Email, Embed in website or Send the Survey Link

Once you have created a survey, you can use various modes to distribute your Survey. You can send the Survey embedded in the Email, Embed the Survey in your website, or send the link. The choice is yours.

Email can be triggered from our system or using an integration. You can use your own domain to send the survey as well.

Integrations and APIs

Fully automate your survey – from sending to response analytics 

Affiniv NPS Hubspot Integration

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Customer Insights

Customer Insights using Analytics Dashboard

Get actionable insights using our real-time analytics dashboard.

Question-level Analytics using Response Dashboard

Once you get responses, you can easily analyze them using the response dashboard. The summary dashboard can provide all data points to derive key insights from the response data.

Survey Response Summary
Affiniv NPS Dashboard

Dashboard for Standard Surveys - NPS, CSAT

For Standard Survey Types such as NPS, and CSAT, the scores are auto-calculated and shown on the dashboard. Also, you can identify individual user responses and segment them using user properties.

Data download and Analytics Integration

You can analyze the response on the dashboard or download the responses to analyze using a software like Excel or Google Spreadsheet

Team Collaboration with User Roles

You can add team members with various roles, such as admin, viewer or contributor. These access levels ensure that the right users can send the surveys and the right team can analyze and take action.

Tag Responses, Add Notes

Tag responses and add notes against each response to enrich the voice-of-customer (voc) data. This is especially useful to derive insights for customer experience surveys

Amazing Support, any time, every time

We are friendly people standing by to help you whenever you have a question or need help. If you have dealt with large software vendors, you know how painful it could be to talk to a support rep. Not at Affiniv. We are here to help and we know our product and tech to the core to do it quickly.

Top reasons to choose Affiniv Survey Software


Choose a Survey Tool that is dead simple

Survey tools can be complex and confusing with tons of feature you may not need. They need learning curves. Affiniv changes that. With our ultra simple and intuitive survey maker, you will feel right at home from the beginning.

Advanced Survey Features

Affiniv supports all powerful survey features to get your survey up and running. Features like logic jump, using variables, answer recall, etc, can help you create a flexible survey flow to get customer insights.

Create beautiful surveys that your users love

Using our Survey Maker, you can create amazing Surveys in a matter of minutes. Use your brand guidelines and themes while setting up surveys and configuring the Survey Email.

Send Survey over Email, Embed in Website

With Affiniv you can choose to distribute your Surveys via Email or embed them in your website. Email can be sent from our system with smart reminders to maximize the response rate. You can use your custom domain or an integration as well. The website embed can be controlled with a number of options.

Powerful, yet Affordable

Affiniv is built for businesses of all sizes. Does all the heavy-lifting for you without burning a hole in your budgets. That's one of the reason why brands switch to us from some of our larger competitors.

Have Questions? We've Got Answers

What is an Online Survey Maker

An online Survey Maker helps you create surveys to collect responses from your users. The survey can be created for the purpose of market research, product feedback collection, understanding customer experience, and so on. Using a Survey Maker, a survey can be created pretty easily. The survey can then be sent to the users over Email, SMS, etc.

Why use an Online Survey Maker?

Using an online Survey maker can significantly speed up the process of market research or getting customer feedback. The other options are doing a telephone survey, or other offline modes, which can require more resources, be slower, and can be more expensive as well. For more information, check out this post – Types of Surveys.

What are some ways to send surveys to users?

With Affiniv, you can create survey using our Survey Maker. Then you can send the survey embedded in an Email to your users. The Email goes from our account. Your domain can be configured for the same as well. You can also embed the Survey in the website, which can be shown based on your preference. 

Can I create Free Surveys with Affiniv?​

Yes, You can create Free surveys with Affiniv. You can create unlimited number of surveys with the free plan. However if you are going for specialized surveys like NPS, CSAT, there is a limit on that. You can drop an email at [email protected] to know more or extend the limit. For pricing visit our Pricing Page.

How many responses I can get for Free?

With the free plan, you get 100 responses per month. For more, we offer pretty affordable business plan, which significantly increases this limit. For more on pricing, visit our Pricing Page.

How does Affiniv compare with a Survey tool like Typeform?

Affiniv is much easier to learn and operate than a tool like Typeform. Creating and sending out Surveys can be 3 times faster with our simple and intuitive user interface. Also, with Affiniv, you can send the survey over Email directly from the tool or embed the survey in your website. This can save you the hassle of switching between multiple tools.

Trusted by leaders who care about customer experience

With Affiniv, it was a breeze for us to get our key metrics like NPS, CSAT. No coding, nothing complex. And yes, the support was amazing!


Head of Customer Success, Indifi
We integrated Affiniv to collect NPS from our customer base. Nicely integrates with our tech stack. Superb support. Zero hassle unlike some big names


VP, Sales and Operations, TalentRecruit Software
For our customer feedback, we tried to work with many tools, like Google form, Typeform and sending the survey with ActivCampaign. With Affiniv it's one tool and all feedback in one place.

Leo Paul

VP Engineering Capricoast and HomeLane
Good tool to keep track of your user feedback. A number of our feature idea actually came from customer feedbacks. Bonus is the ability to increase reviews on G2!


Customer Experience Consultant, MailerPlex Software

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