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Affiniv NPS Survey Dashboard

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Affiniv NPS Software Customers

Create an NPS Survey in Minutes

Use our powerful survey creator to create an NPS survey in minutes. Choose from follow-up questions like Choice question, Open-ended question or Scales. Use different thank you pages for promoters, detractors, and passives.

Customize NPS Survey
Theme Customization for NPS Survey

Use your branding for NPS survey and Email templates.

Fully customize your survey page with your own logo, color theme, background images, etc. Customize you email template as well according to your brand guidelines.

Send NPS survey via Email or over many other channels

With Affiniv NPS software, you can create and send surveys from the same tool. The surveys and scale get embedded in the email for a great response rate.

You can also send Surveys using SMS, WhatsApp, or directly send the link.

NPS Survey Email
Add NPS Survey to Website

Embed the survey in your website

Embed the NPS survey in your website. The survey can automatically be triggered at a specified interval. For example 10 days from the user subscription, every month to capture monthly NPS, and more.

Get the highest response rate using smart reminders

Get the best in the industry response rate by using multiple channels – Email, Web Survey, etc. Also you can set smart reminders on Email, SMS to get a very high response rate.

NPS Email Reminders

Integrations and APIs

Fully automate your survey – from sending to response analytics 

Affiniv NPS Hubspot Integration

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Customer Insights using Analytics

Customer Insights using NPS Analytics Dashboard

Get actionable insights using our real-time analytics dashboard.

NPS Email sending stats for Email, WhatsApp and Web Embed

Auto-calculation of NPS, CSAT Scores

Scores are auto-calculated for standard surveys like NPS, CSAT, eNPS etc.

Channel performance metrics

View the performance of each channel - stats such as scheduled, sent, opens, bounces, responses, etc. for each channel

Segmentation and Analytics

Segment results based on user properties - age, city, purchase amount, and many more. 

Close the Loop

Customer retention and growth

Auto-Request social reviews

Automatically follow-up with promoters to post review on social media - Google, Yelp, Facebook, G2 etc.

Unhappy customers to Fans

Automatically send unhappy customer reviews to ticketing or CRM systems, so that right teams can respond on time.

Voice-of-customer for whole org

Invite different stakeholders to view and act on customer feedback to make your product or services better

Top reasons to choose Affiniv NPS Software


Ensures Maximum Response Rates

Response rates are the backbone of any NPS survey. Affiniv NPS Software is specifically designed to capture maximum response rates. Features like embedding survey in the email, multiple distribution channels, smart reminders, etc, help increase response rates.

Zero-code, Ultra-simple to setup and use

You don't need to be tech-savvy to set up and operate the tool. Affiniv is a no-code platform. So, you don't need to hire a developer to insert codes for its functioning. You can set it up easily within a matter of minutes.

Create beautiful surveys that your customers love

You can create an amazing NPS Survey in a matter of minutes. Use your brand guidelines and themes while setting up surveys and survey Email. Use logic to show it to the right customer segment

Built-in analytics to unlock the key insights

With a powerful analytics dashboard, you can easily uncover the key customer insights to delight your customers. You can slice and segment the data like a pro using our filters without having to switch between tools.

Powerful, yet Affordable

Affiniv is built for businesses of all sizes. Does all the heavy-lifting for you without burning a hole in your budgets. That's one of the reason why brands switch to us from some of our larger competitors.

Trusted by leaders who care about customer experience

With Affiniv, it was a breeze for us to get our key metrics like NPS, CSAT. No coding, nothing complex. And yes, the support was amazing!


Head of Customer Success, Indifi
We integrated Affiniv to collect NPS from our customer base. Nicely integrates with our tech stack. Superb support. Zero hassle unlike some big names


VP, Sales and Operations, TalentRecruit Software
For our customer feedback, we tried to work with many tools, like Google form, Typeform and sending the survey with ActivCampaign. With Affiniv it's one tool and all feedback in one place.

Leo Paul

VP Engineering Capricoast and HomeLane
Good tool to keep track of your user feedback. A number of our feature idea actually came from customer feedbacks. Bonus is the ability to increase reviews on G2!


Customer Experience Consultant, MailerPlex Software

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