The all-in-one tool to collect NPS and Customer Feedback. With maximum response rate and minimum effort.

Put your customer experience program on auto-pilot - Create any kind of survey. Send over multiple channels (Email, SMS, WhatsApp and more.). Analyze responses using analytics dashboard. Simple to setup, easy to use. No technical knowledge needed.

Free upto 100 users. No credit card required


Before Affiniv

Multiple Tools. High Integration Effort. Manual Workflows. Expensive. You create Survey using a tool like Google Form or TypeForm. Use an email automation tool like MailChimp to send personalized emails/SMS. Analyze result in Google sheet/Excel. It needs integration, it's expensive and confusing.


After Affiniv

All from one tool. Minimum effort. Maximum response rate. Lower Cost. Create survey. Send over multiple channels. Analyze feedback, Configure automated workflows - all from the same tool.

Result - High response rate. Better actionability. Happy customers.

Simple NPS, CSAT Tool
Super Easy to Setup and Operate
Designed to be simple. Can be used easily without involving agencies or developers. Our onboarding team will help you to setup and then for the first month.
Flexible tool for NPS, CSAT
Flexible to Suit your Needs
You can use out-of-the-box surveys like NPS, CSAT or create your own. Send over any channel to maximize response rate - Email, SMS, WhatsApp and advanced APIs.
NPS, CSAT tool with amazing support
Support at every step
Our goal is enable you to listen to your customer easily and improve your business. Your dedicated customer champion will help you at every step till you are fully up and running.

Listen to your customers in 3 Easy Steps

Create All Kinds of Surveys with powerful Survey Editor

You can choose from pre-created surveys like NPS, CSAT, CES. Or you can create your own survey from the scratch. You can configure different types of questions - Multi Choice, Numeric Scale-based, Visual Scale, Short and Long Answer.

Designed to Maximize Response Rate across channels

You can use a mix of channels such as Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Link, API to distribute your survey. Also you can configure automated reminders. These help you maximize the response rate.

Analyze Response Using Survey Dashboard and take Action

You can analyze customer response, using survey dashboard. You can do in-depth segment analysis by applying filters. It's simple, intuitive, but rich with insights.

Onboarding and customer success team is our superpower!

We dedicate a customer champion for each of our customers. She helps you at every step - onboarding, survey configuration, distribution setting (Email, SMS, WhatsApp configuration) and result analysis. We don't just make software. Our mission is to make your customer experience program successful.
NPS, CSAT tool with amazing support

Ready to start listening to your customers in 10 minutes?

Yes, that's as much time it takes to get going. Dive in and try it out. We are standing by!

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