Net promoter score survey, CSAT survey

September 7, 2021 2022-11-17 11:10

Automate NPS, customer feedback and voice of customer program end-to-end

Affiniv is an all-in-one customer feedback solution with advanced capabilities, but simple and easy to use for businesses of all sizes. It's affordable and designed to get you high response rate. Read on find out more.

Designed to get a very high response rate

Create Survey and Send From the Same Tool​

Embedding surveys directly into the email increases response rate drastically. Also, when your customer clicks on the scale numbers, the responses are captured even if she has not filled the other questions.

Survey and Email Templates Work Great on Mobile

Your customers can be on any device. Our surveys and email templates works great on mobile. That increases the response rate.

Send survey over multiple channels

You can use a mix of channels such as Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Link, API to distribute your survey.

Send multiple reminders to get maximum response

Your customers may be in the in the middle of things when you reach them. With Affiniv, you can set auto-reminders. This has been proven to improve the response rate by 20-50%.

Rich Voice of Customer (VoC) to improve your business

Send automated follow-ups to the detractors/dissatisfied customers to get even more comments.

Qualitative feedback data is extremely important to improve your business. This unstructured data can be structured, classfied and insights can be discovered automatically. With automated follow-ups, the qualitative response increases substantially. This is for the customers who have not filled the text response by themselves.

Maximize positive feedback on Google/Other Platforms

You can create workflow to send automated communications to your promoters, requesting them to post feedback on Google/Facebook and other online platforms.

Feature-rich dashboard to analyze and Identify the actionables

Analytics dashboard is a powerful way to analyze result and take away the actionables. You can check progress of the score over months and quarters and segment result based on properties from your CRM. You can also understand the feedback for each customer, tag them and enrich the feedback with additional info.

Ready to start listening to your customers in 10 minutes?

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